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Curb-A-Peel and Window Display Contests

Monday, September 13, 2021 5:00PM - Saturday, September 18, 2021 11:00PM

Homes & businesses both have the opportunity to show their Apple Festival spirit with one of our decorating contests. Participants decorate displays to reflect the year's theme.

Be sure to take time during the Apple Festival to visit participating homes and businesses to admire their hard work! Names and addresses of participants will be listed below.

Curb-A-Peel Contest

This themed outdoor decorating contest is for both homes and businesses who want to move beyond the window and decorate outdoors. No display is too big or too small! Winners are awarded in two categories: Business & Residential. And of course, the contest is completely free!

Murphysboro homes and businesses with OUTDOOR displays.

1st Place: $100 prize, Trophy & Recognition Sign in front of the display
2nd Place: $75 prize & Trophy
3rd Place: $25 prize & Trophy

Curb-A-Peel entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Visual Presentation - 25 Points: Is the display impressive at first glance? Does it have a good overall balance or arrangement and is not too “busy”.
Creativity / Originality - 15 Points: Is there innovation in the presentation? What makes it unique?
Theme - 15 Points: How well does the spirit of the Apple Festival shine through?
Workmanship/Effort - 15 Points: Is effort evident and is the display made up of attractive materials?
Apples - 15 Points: Quality and best use of apples are presented.
Extra - 15 Points: Use of color(s), humor, educational qualities, animation, lights, etc.

Window Display Contest

Over the years, we've seen some very creative and beautiful window displays. Do you think you can make your window memorable? The Window Display Contest is only open to businesses with indoor displays without any outside decorations. The contest is free to enter.

Murphysboro businesses with indoor-only window displays

1st Place:
Riseling Trophy, $100 prize, and an American Flag (donated by Marlene McGregor Gibbs)
2nd Place: Trophy & $75 prize
3rd Place: Trophy & $25 prize

Window entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Theme - 10 points: How well is the theme demonstrated?
Originality - 10 points: How well are imagination, simplicity, and clarity demonstrated?
Balance - 10 points: Does the window have a good overall balance to eliminate bulkiness, shallowness, and barren spots?
Eye Appeal - 10 points: Is the window impressive and striking?
Color Combination - 10 points: Does the window have a complementary or contrasting color scheme?
Workmanship - 10 points: Is good workmanship evident and is the window made of attractive material?
Apples - 10 points: Quality and best use of apples are demonstrated.
Animation -10 points: Is motion used to accentuate the design?
Sound - 10 points: Does the sound add to the attractiveness of the window?
Extra Attractive Qualities - 10 points: Does the display have humorous, unique, or educational qualities?

2021 Window Display Participants

  1. Sis's Memories
    1218 Walnut Street
  2. Brews Brother's Taproom
    1105 Chestnut Street
  3. Southern Illinois Sports Resale
    610 Walnut Street, Suite 100
  4. Hometown Pride Gifts & Sweets
    1334 Walnut Street
  5. Jackson County Housing Authority
    233 North 13th Street
  • The Bank of Carbondale, Murphysboro Banking Center
    900 Walnut Street
  • Faction 93 Salon
    1306 Walnut Street
  • Family Outreach Center
    202 North 14th Street
  • The First Bank & Trust Co. of Murphysboro
    1403 Walnut Street
  • Hometown Pride Gifts & Sweets
    1334 Walnut Street
  • Love of Family & Home
    1335 Walnut Street
  • Mansfield Law Office
    1340 Walnut Street
  • Mississippi Skyline Photography
    1108 Walnut Street
  • Muddy Roots Collective
    1339 Walnut Street
  • Murphy-Wall State Bank & Trust
    105 North Williams Street
  • Ozburn Insurance Agency
    1131 Walnut Street
  • Sallie Logan Public Library
    1808 Walnut Street
  • Small Town Scoop
    1400 Walnut Street
  • Think Vintage
    1338 Walnut Street

2021 Curb-a-Peel Winners & Participants

Due to many issues related to COVID, unfortunately, the 2021 Curb-A-Peel Contest has been canceled.

Brought to you by

2021 Theme: "70 Years of Apples, Pies, & Rides... Oh, My!"

WHERE: Displays - Murphysboro Business Storefronts & Homes
Awards - The Appletime Stage

WHEN: Displays - Mon, Sept 13th through Sat, Sept 18th
Judging - Monday, September 13th
Awards - Announced at Opening Ceremony, Wed, Sept 15th, 5:00 pm


  • Curb-A-Peel: Tracy Hagston
  • Window Display: Marlene McGregor-Gibbs

Registration deadline is September 8th!

Register Online Here:
Curb-A-Peel Contest

Window Display Contest

Overall Information & Rules

  1. All decorating shall be done by the resident or owner - No professional decorators allowed
  2. Applicants are limited to one contest entry per site
  3. Individuals must enter the Curb-A-Peel contest if any outdoor decorations are to be judged
  4. Entries must be within 1 mile of city limits
  5. Decorations must remain intact throughout the week of the Apple Festival (September 13-18, 2021)
  6. Curb-A-Peel judging will be done from the curb, judges will not enter the property
  7. Window Display Judging will be done from outside unless the display is not completely visible through the window or the owner requests judging be done from inside (please make a note on the application if requested)
  8. All media used in displays must be family-friendly
  9. Lighted displays can be judged at dusk (Please make a note on the application if requested)
  10. Application deadline is September 8, 2021
  11. All decisions are final

Download Curb-A-Peel Info
& Registration Form

Download Window Display Info
& Registration Form

For more information or questions regarding the Window Display or Curb-A-Peel Contests, please contact the Murphysboro Apple Festival Office.
Phone: 618.684.3200

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